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Friday, 29 August 2008 @23:17

We announce the existence of the new class blog.

It's not improved, pheo's one was really lovely, but we wonder what happened to it, so for now, we have this:)


& What we spell

One Charity 08

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Form Teacher: Mr Clement Tan
Co-form: Ms Du Jia
English: Mrs Sushilla
Mathematics: Mr Clement Tan
HMT: Ms Du Jia/ Du lao shi
Science: Mr Lin Wen Wei/Mrs Tan Lee Lee/ Mr Alex Teoh/ Ms Soh
History:vMs Sharon Law
Literature in English: Ms Chan Wei Meng/ Ms Bernice Chia
Art:vMs Lin Kai Li/ Ms Gwee Siew Hong/ Ms Tey Poh Choo
CME: Mr Clement Tan or Auntie Shirley

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celine davis. pheodora chew. crystal chik. chua jing yi. rachel eng. fanny wong. fransiska widya c.. grace ooi. joy chia. judith tay. koh le yan. emelia kwa. megan lee. amanda lee. claudia lee. liang pei yu. amanda loh. trini low. lucy luo. ,marianne ee. esther neo. olivia phua. rosalinda cf phan. sharlene goh. shavonne oh. pearl tan. tan gee kit. ethel tan. marianne tan. genevieve tan. tan sih si. tang kai yin. vernice heng. yang yi chao. venetia yeo. wang xiao ru.

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